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DOT aviation guide
Airport Lighting

  • Airport wire and cable

  • Airport splice kits/connectors

  • Airport lights and fixtures

  • Airport radio controllers L-854

  • Airport lighting control panels

  • Airport L-821 control panel

  • Airport rotating beacons L-801

  • Airport rotating beacons L-802

  • Papi control repairs

  • Airport light bulbs and lamps

  • Lighting control vault buildings

  • Vault buildings airport lighting

  • Lighting regulators and repairs

beacon repair
Repairs and Parts

  • Airport wind socks

  • Airport wind cone assemblies

  • Antique airport light parts

  • Airport inset lights

  • Remote radio controllers

  • Airport Lighting Lamps :

Runway / Taxiway


Beacon / Strobe

Approach / Obstruction


Beacon Towers

Our airport beacon towers are built to withstand wind loads and meet customer height requirements and engineer specs requested.  We offer STANDARD or TILT-DOWN towers available to choose from.

beacon tower
Custom Designed Control Buildings

Choose one of our airport lighting custom control buildings to fit your needs and sizes. We have colors available to match your existing buildings already on the property.  They are easily maintained, vermon proof, exhaust fan and intake louver is standard with building package.  We offer specifications for your engineers or consultants at request. more about you. 

custom built control building
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